Honey made the old fashioned way - Only sweet nectar and hard work! Unadulterated; no additives, it's 100% naturally Canadian.


When we first started out, Marg's Honey only offered Honey Products for limited sale throughout the winter months. But as our business and knowledge of the Apiarist Industry has grown, we've been able to expand both the amount of Honey we sell as well as the services we are able to provide.

You can read a brief description of the services we offer on this page, or you can use the menus on the left, which will provide a much more detailed description of each of these services.

Honey Products

Our Honey

Our operation may have started in 1977 with 4 hives and a few pounds of honey, but we've grown substantially since then. Today, we operate with over 500 hives and can produce upwards of 70,000 lbs of Honey per season!

We sell honey products of varying weights and sizes and are able to accomodate almost any order.

Our honey is not altered in any way during the extraction process and we do not use additives or preservatives. It is pure, 100% natural honey. Because of this, our stock doesn't last long, so be sure to order from us today before it's all gone!

Bee Presentations

Presentation for kids

Although our main sell is the Honey we produce, we also offer Bee Presentations to groups who are interested in learning about Bees or the Beekeeping process! We've been providing these presentations since 1996 and we love meeting new people and learning about Bees with them! Our presentations are interactive and will be sure to fascinate and educate you.

These educational experiences are great for kids as they not only teach about a very mysterious member of the animal kingdom, but they also help lessen the fears that kids have about bees. We firmly believe that education about the environment, our food and the connection that bees have to all that, will help bring everyone into an understanding of how complex the world of bees is and how important they are to our ecosystem.

We currently offer half day and full day sessions. We have presentations custom made for various age groups and we're positive that everyone will enjoy themselves and learn something new!

Candle Products

Marg's Honey Candles - 100% Scent Free!

Also, for the first time ever, Marg's Honey will now be able to offer 100% Canadian Beeswax made Candle Products! Our candles will be 100% scent free in order to accomodate scent allergies, sensitivities and people who deal with Environmental Illness.

We are offering Dipped, Rolled Sheet and Molded candles this year in a few sizes and designs. For a description of what each candle is about and info on the creation process, check the menu on the left.

We are aiming for a limited number of candles as this is our first year producing them, so be sure to order yours today before we run out!